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I wonder if you still remember,
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2013-08-12-20:13 UT

Welcome to EiffelCam

EiffelCams are webcam / computer instruments capturing images of the world's most recognized structure, the Tour Eiffel in Paris, France. This site is a tribute to the genius and vision of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

The two cameras are located a distance of approximately 285 meters from the base of the Eiffel Tower. By comparison, the top of the tower is approximately 300 meters from its base. Both cameras stream live video, available on the Internet from the following sources :


The EarthCam Network is featuring imagery from EiffelCam1. Click here to see the Eiffel Tower live at EarthCam. Be sure to click the "Hall of Fame" tab at upper left to see the comments. You can post your own "Fame" image, email an image, post to Facebook, or download an image to your computer.


The Skylinewebcam Network is streaming 1080 HD imagery from EiffelCam2. Click here to see the Eiffel Tower live at Skylinewebcams. You can also view a time-lapse movie of images from the previous day.


TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE: Every ten minutes, EiffelCam1 sends a 1200x1920 pixel image to the EiffelCam server. Click here to see the most recent EiffelCam1 image.

(4) and Google have enabled EiffelCam1 imagery within Google Earth. Simply click the box in the Gallery layer, et voilà! Or, view EiffelCam1 in the map of Paris by clicking here to take you to the Webcams.Travel site in Google Earth.


TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE: An archive of EiffelCam1 images, from March 2011 is available via FTP at this link.

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